in 2024, integrating social media strategies is necessary in order to become successful in the e-commerce business in China.

  1. Integrated Shopping Experiences: Many social media platforms in China, like WeChat and Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), offer integrated e-commerce functionalities, allowing users to shop directly within the app.
  2. Influencer Marketing: Influencers, or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), on platforms like Weibo and Douyin (TikTok in China) play a significant role in driving e-commerce sales through product endorsements and reviews.
  3. Live Streaming E-commerce: Platforms such as Taobao Live and Douyin have popularized live-streaming as a powerful tool for e-commerce, where hosts sell products in real-time broadcasts.
  4. Mobile-First Approach: Social media in China is predominantly mobile-based, aligning with the country’s high mobile internet usage, which directly influences mobile e-commerce growth.
  5. Personalized Shopping Experiences: AI and data analytics on social media platforms enable personalized shopping recommendations, enhancing user engagement and boosting e-commerce sales.
  6. Group Buying and Flash Sales: Social media platforms often host group buying options and flash sales, encouraging users to participate in time-limited offers, often shared among friends and networks.
  7. Digital Payments Integration: Social media apps in China are seamlessly integrated with digital payment systems like Alipay and WeChat Pay, simplifying the online shopping process.
  8. User-Generated Content: User reviews, unboxing videos, and product tutorials on social media significantly influence purchasing decisions and are key drivers of e-commerce traffic.
  9. Social Commerce Growth: The concept of social commerce, where social interactions lead directly to sales, is rapidly growing in China, blending social media experiences with e-commerce activities.
  10. Cross-Border E-commerce: Social media platforms facilitate cross-border e-commerce by allowing international brands to engage with Chinese consumers and sell products through social channels.

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Social media is the key to success for e-commerce in China.

In China, the power of social media platforms has rapidly increased and now, is part of Chinese daily life. But its influence has also extended to the companies and their marketing strategies which need to integrate social networks to be successful businesses.

Social media play an important role in e-commerce in order to create brand awareness by means of advertisements. In China, social media platforms enable companies to create, publish and promote their brands in an efficient way.

Connect Brands to Consumers

The main advantage of social networks is its power to connect brands with their potential customers. Brands can develop their personality through a constant social media presence to engage with their consumers in a deeper way which will boost customers towards your brand. Nonetheless, in order to be effective, brands need to be really engaged.

Through social networks such as Red, Douyin, WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, companies are able to create adverts and locate them on targeted members’ profiles.

Social Media in China in 2024

RED (Xiaohongshu) Features:

  • Lifestyle-Focused Content: RED is known for its blend of lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content, making it a go-to platform for trendsetters.
  • Community-Driven Reviews: The platform thrives on authentic user-generated reviews and recommendations, fostering a community of trust.
  • E-commerce Integration: Seamlessly combines social media with shopping, allowing users to purchase products directly through the app. read more
  • Global Outlook: Hosts a diverse range of international and local brands, appealing to users interested in global trends and products.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Popular among influencers and KOLs for brand partnerships and product endorsements.

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Douyin (TikTok in China) Features:

  • Short-Form Video Content: Specializes in short, engaging video content, offering a dynamic and interactive user experience.
  • Creative Expression Tools: Provides extensive creative tools and filters for video creation, encouraging user creativity.
  • Algorithm-Driven Discovery: Employs a sophisticated algorithm for content discovery, personalizing the user experience.
  • Live Streaming Capabilities: Features live streaming options for real-time interaction between creators and audiences.
  • Brand Engagement: Offers unique opportunities for brands to engage with a younger audience through challenges and branded content.

WeChat Channels Features:

  • Integrated Within WeChat Ecosystem: Directly embedded in WeChat, China’s largest social messaging app, offering broad reach.
  • Diverse Content Formats: Supports a range of content types, including videos, articles, and photos.
  • Personal and Brand Channels: Both individuals and brands can create channels, making it a versatile platform for different content creators.
  • Social Commerce Potential: With WeChat’s payment capabilities, Channels have significant potential for social commerce and direct sales.
  • Community Interaction: Encourages community interaction through comments, likes, and shares, enhancing engagement.

However, WeChat and LinkedIn are the social platforms that allow a bigger reduction of the target demographic by selecting features of their profiles.

Companies should understand that the impact of their social media efforts reaches far beyond the platform’s boundaries. The true strength of social media is in its capacity for content to be shared: content that is compelling and well-constructed tends to be extensively shared among users. Such sharing enhances the content’s influence, as it receives an implicit endorsement from those who disseminate and engage with it. In the context of China, harnessing the power of social media is vital for promoting your business, your products, and your overall brand. In essence, effective use of social media platforms is critical for increasing brand visibility and shaping how your brand is perceived, both of which are crucial for drawing in and keeping your desired audience

There are several successful tactics that companies can integrate on their marketing strategy.

  • It is interesting to develop different variations of a campaign in order to do A/B testing and discover the right advert elements to optimize the campaign.
  • Another technique could be to create posts on the social media page and increase their reach by paying a fee.
  • It is always necessary monitoring the campaign performance and adjust it according to the results.

In social media platforms as LinkedIn, there are normally two fees models:

  • Pay-per-Click: trough this tool, brands only have to pay if a user clicks on the advert and goes to the website.
  • Cost-per-Mill: with this model, companies have to pay a fee for every 1000 displays that the advert has on the platform.

In China, companies target their advertising based on the interests, location, and favorite pages of consumers. Thanks to social media platforms, companies have the chance to identify potential customers through the content and interest that they share. Linkedin is said to soon fill a void in the social media landscape in China, a professional social media network. Such a network facilitates BtoB interactions therefore increasing business opportunities in China

WeChat helps to enhance conversion:

WeChat offers the possibility to open an official brand account on its platform and user can follow those accounts. WeChat has become an powerful tool which allows send time-sensitive adverts.

Companies can also open a store on this social media platform and sell directly their products. Besides, it’s useful to launch products because WeChat enables brands to select targeted users according to their browsing history or location.

In addition, followers can purchase items via WeChat because the platform also incorporates a direct online payment system.


Through WeChat, companies have the chance to use different advertising methods. For example brands can share interesting articles or topics and allow followers read and share them.

Another technique is publish product pictures to attract the user’s interest. Also companies can develop games to improve the user experience.

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Sina Weibo (out of date in 2024)

Sina Weibo is another social media platform which is very helpful to create brand awareness. Through this social network, brands can drive traffic to their website and increase their sales.


By Weibo Bidding methods, companies can locate their adverts at the top position of Weibo homepage in order attract potential consumers to their content.

In Weibo there are 2 types of bidding methods:

  • CPM: This kind of advertisement is for companies who want brand awareness.
  • CPE: This type of advertisement is useful to analyze engagement.

Implementing Sina Weibo on their marketing strategy, companies can reach to million users because Weibo has multi-channels.


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